Our track record

Duniya and Sara Webb have a long track record of successful consultancies, including:

  • More than 20 M&E assignments, including seven long-term M&E roles in programs in the Pacific and Asia
  • Almost 30 program and project design consultancies including significant leadership on M&E and learning
  • Multiple program or project evaluations

Some specific examples:

MEL Adviser, Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research (ACIAR) (2018-2019)

Sara is working with the Capacity Building Program to strengthen they monitoring, evaluation and learning (MEL) systems. This includes facilitating the development a theory of change and creation of a MEL Framework for the program, and supporting the team with the implementation of that framework, including its integration across all relevant sub-programs. Sara is also providing technical advice to the design and development of new sub-programs, including the Women’s Leadership Program, and contributing to overall ACIAR results and performance assessment systems development. https://www.aciar.gov.au

Evaluation Consultant, Telepresence Robot Pilot Project, MissingSchool (2018-2019)

Sara is supporting advocacy organisation MissingSchool to implement its innovative pilot project (funded by St.George Foundation) which is testing the use of telepresence robots to support students who are missing school due to significant illness or injury. The robots have the potential to significant improve student and family wellbeing as well as educational outcomes by enabling students to remain engaged in their own school community, and the project has an ambitious systems change agenda. Sara is playing the role of a developmental evaluator, assisting with the development and implementation of a monitoring and evaluation systems, regularly facilitating learning and reflection processes, and being a ‘critical friend’ to the project team. http://missingschool.org.au

Design Team Leader, Developmental Leadership Program (2017-2018)

Sara led a team to develop the next phase of the ground-breaking DLP research program. This next phase will aim to build on previous research into developmental leadership, thinking and working politically, the role of coalitions for reform, and how external and internal actors can contribute to positive developmental leadership. It will also seek to strengthen the program’s research influence by continuing to improve uptake and engagement strategies. Sara subsequently provided additional support and advice to the DLP team in the operational establishment of DLP Phase 3. http://www.dlprog.org

M&E Adviser, Vanuatu Skills Partnership/ TVET System Strengthening Program (2013-2017)

Sara is providing part-time inputs as M&E Adviser on the third phase of AusAID’s innovative TVET system strengthening program. Working with program staff and stakeholders, Sara is developing a comprehensive M&E system, building on the high quality system of phase 2. She will be providing periodic and continuing inputs over the period to 2016, in support of program M&E. http://www.vanuatutvet.org.vu

Design/ M&E Adviser, Africa Food Security Initiative (2009-2013)

Sara supported CSIRO and AusAID with Africa Food Security Initiative, focusing on the agricultural research for development partnerships between CSIRO and two sub-regional bodies: CORAF/WECARD (www.coraf.org) and the BecA Hub (http://hub.africabiosciences.org).  Sara provided advice and support in program design, and the development of monitoring and evaluation and management systems. In mid 2011 Sara moved into a new role, as a member of AusAID’s Technical Advisory Group for the initiative. She subsequently took up a role as Design Facilitator to CSIRO and its partners, providing crucial ongoing input to the scoping, development and documentation of the design of Phase 3 for the two core programs: the CSIRO-CORAF/WECARD Partnership and the CSIRO-BecA Partnership.

Australian Evaluation Society Conference

Sara is a regular at the Australian Evaluation Society Conferences and has also assisted with reviewing proposals for conference papers. In 2017 she was part of a panel called Stepping Out: Evaluators as Designers. Sara used that opportunity to talk about her approaches to program design and development, and the deep intersections that work has with her evaluation expertise. Earlier, Sara and her PNG colleague Rosemary Hobart gave a joint paper to the AES Conference in 2011. Entitled Is it Worth the Wait? Longitudinal Case Studies and their usefulness for evaluating scholarships for PNG, the paper describes their experience with longitudinal case studies for Scholarships PNG. Feel free to contact us for more information about this paper.

Other Assignments

Sara has also undertaken these diverse assignments:

  • Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Manager, Australian Humanitarian Partnership Support Unit (2018)
  • Design Consultant, Australian Red Cross (2016)
  • Technical advice, evaluation and program design leadership for Australia Awards across multiple countries and regions, and including development of the Global Monitoring and Evaluation Framework https://dfat.gov.au/about-us/publications/Documents/australia-awards-global-monitoring-evaluation-framework.pdf
  • Development of a Communications Strategy for the South Pacific Sea Level and Climate Monitoring Project, with AusAID, the Australian Bureau of Meteorology, and South Pacific Geosciences Commission (2010)
  • M&E advice to the Australia and New Zealand School of Government
  • M&E Adviser to AusAID HIV/AIDS Unit, AusAID Jakarta (2009-10)
  • Proposal and grant consultancy for GoGet Car Share